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La Mia Londra

"Mylondon" by Sylvain

28 Marzo 2015 , Scritto da Flavia Zarba

"Mylondon" by Sylvain

Name: Sylvain Mercier

Age: 31

How is your London?

My London is great as I get the opportunity to learn everyday something new about myself and about the people.

It's a very diverse city so we get the chance to meet and discover people from all around the globe.

Why choose London?

I was living and France and was a bit bored about my life and wanted to progress mentally , the opportunity with London allow you to restart from zero without anyone around judging you , I finally realise in London that there is no real failure , they only lessons.

Do you want to come back to Paris?

At the moment I don't really think of it but growing up I think the idea of coming back to France could be great as its a great country to raise kids .

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Giulia 03/28/2015 19:24

anyone can be part of lamialondra :)